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From the moment they arrive, guests in our stores enjoy a relaxing atmosphere formed by our signature fragrances. Now you can experience this unique blend of relaxing scents any time or place, simply by lighting our Island Blend poured candle. With top notes of pineapple, mandarin and cilantro, it delivers the ultimate combination of tropical bliss. Plus, its wide, wooden wick produces a pleasing crackling sound as it burns. A handsome wooden lid doubles as a convenient base.
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Location: Texas
Tommy Bahama:Daydream Believer
Age Range:45-54
PostedAugust 26, 2012
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5 / 5
Average Rating 5 / 5
Smells Amazing!
Beautiful packaging, and fragrance is amazing. After I received the first candle I came back and purchased more. My husband loves it when I light them throughout the house, very calming!
Yes, I recommend this product.
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Customer avatarBy:Kitty
Tommy Bahama: Jetsetter
Age Range: 45-54
Gender: Female
Posted: February 6, 2013
50 Years of Wisdom, Devotion and Love
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This is a tribute to my parents.
Saturday, February 9th my parents will celebrate 50 years of love, devotion, life, family, children, son in laws, daughter in laws, grandchildren, friends, parenting, sacrifices, responsibilities, sorrow and joy.
They tackle life with wisdom, devotion and love.
Happy anniversary mom and dad, I love you.
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