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Customer avatarBy:Oregonians
From:Dallas, TX, USA
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Posted: February 14, 2013
Your the One
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Our story begins when we were kids in a small town in Roseburg Oregon. Chris was 9 and I was 6 to be exact. We meet through our parents, Chris's mom dated a friend of my parents. We would to go over to each others house and play while our parents would visit. At whatever point when his mom and my parents friend broke up we didn't see each other again until our teenage years. Growing up in a small town Chris and I would run into each other, we were always attracted to each other but timing never was right. I remember hearing when Chris joined the Navy and was no longer in town. Dang it man! Years later Chris got out of the Navy and ended up coming into my salon to get his haircut by one of my stylists. Yahoo! We talked but again timing was not good. Chris rejoined the Navy and again was out of town but stopped by the salon some years later. Again bad timing. I ended up moving my salon and my business grew like crazy. I had so many new clients but one in particular was very familiar to me. I knew I had met her before but could not place her but just figured it was from being in a small town. Over the next few months she and I really got to know each other and one day she made a comment "you remind me so much of my son". At that point in time the last thing I wanted was another relationship let alone one that has a mom saying how great her son was. But a few appointments later she said it again, and then she asked me if I knew her son, Chris. Holy smokes! Uh yes I do and now I know why you look so familiar to me. I used to come play at your house when I was 6 years old! This lady who was sitting in my chair was the lady who dated my parents friend and was Chris's mom. So Facebook here we are, checking out each others profiles and seeing what the other has been doing. Still at this point in time the timing still was not right but the magic happens months later on Dec 31st 2010. I was at home deciding what to do and if I even wanted to go out. I was tired of the dating BS scene and honestly didn't have much selection to even choose from. I started IMing with a old friend that was also a mutual friend of Chris's. Not realizing they were roommates he told me that Chris was with him. So Chris and I started talking and the subject of "being single" came up. We talked everyday for the next few days and he decided to come home to visit mom and see me. I was ok with that knowing it was a month out before he would come and also realizing that he lived in Texas so it would never work out. I mean think about it, I'm a owner of a very successful business and have everything I want and don't need anyone. I can do it myself all by myself without having to take care of another man who can't do it by himself. Life is perfect! Wake up Penny!!!! A couple days later Chris is on a plane to Oregon because his step-dad has a stroke and not going to make it. WHAT?! I'm not going to see him, I mean, what if I like him....he lives in Texas so what's the point right? Ok obviously I did see him, he is way cute! But we are not going out alone, my sister her husband and our other friends are coming too! Ha! Well let me just say that when he made it to my house I will never forget how he looked. He was beautiful! Walking up my driveway, I just thought he is so clean, clean cut, great hair, great smile and oh his blue eyes! Oh, and he had all his teeth, BONUS!!!! You laugh but like I said small town in Oregon. He didn't have any children (I have 3) and had only been married once a long time ago. Thank you Jesus!!! I did introduce him to my girls since I knew he didn't live in town (wasn't going to work) and he was a childhood friend. They really liked him and he enjoyed them. So now to the bombarding of friends and family! When we met up with the group Chris knew the majority of the people (small town) and so it was very comfortable. He was a gentleman, sweet, attentive and everyone liked him. Wow this is awesome, Chris is awesome! Oh man! Now what? I got it, lets go dance! Dang it! He is a great dancer too! Now I know this all sounds stupid but lets reiterate- Great looking, career Navy man, no baggage, Great looking, fun, great dancer, did I say Great looking? You get the point, he was the whole package and then some. The kind of guy that you want but realize your dreaming. Well pinch me because I want to know that he really exists! Needless to say when the night ended and he drove me home I couldn't wait for the good night kiss! Oh ya baby! He was the perfect gentleman and his kiss was amazing! So amazing that for the next 10 days we were inseparable. We decided that we would give this a try irregardless of the distance as we both knew that we had something special and I don't mean kinda special. I really mean the whole soul mate thingy going on. So our official first date was January 8th-18th and the next time I saw him I flew to Texas on February 4th. Had a great weekend and knew he was the one for me. March 4th he came to Oregon and we had a get together at my place with both our friends and family where Chris got down on bent knee and proposed. Crazy right! I am just as crazy so the answer is yes! Chris was going to be in Hawaii in April and made a comment about always dreaming of a beach wedding at sunset, so we made it happen. April 4th 2011 at Secret Beach with my girls. It was the most perfect sunset and has been the best craziest thing I have ever done. No one could have ever made me believe that I would do something like this but you know when it comes to just knowing-you just know! Oh and so does MOM!!!!
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