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Customer avatarBy:Shooter
From:Valrico, FL, USA
Tommy Bahama: Relaxologist
Age Range: 45-54
Gender: Male
Posted: April 9, 2012
Green Monster / Nick Faldo / Hot dog story
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The infamous Fenway dog
The infamous Fenway dog
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I was born in New Hampshire. After 34 years living in Florida, my buddies and I decide it was time to go back to Fenway. The last time I was there I was as a kid with my dad and we sat in obstructed view seats because that is all that he could afford. My buddies and I bought Green Monster tickets and headed to Fenway. I had goosebumps climbing the stairs to the Monster. I decided to get a couple of Fenway dogs and beers for my buddy and I, when i looked behind me in line and there was professional golfer Nick Faldo. I was able to buy him a beer and shake his hand. As I rushed back to my seat to tell them what had just happened, one of the Fenway dogs rolled off the bun onto the ground. That thing made a splat mark 6" wide when it hit the ground. About twenty other fans saw this thing roll off and hit the ground. My buddy was in the restroom, so the 5 second rule was in effect. I put it back on the bun and waited for him to return. I handed him his dinner and grinned with the other twenty strangers as we waited for him to take that first bite. He hesitated a couple of times as he wondered why everyone was looking at him. Then he did it. He took that first bite. The whole section was laughing hysterically. I was laughing so hard that all I could do is point at the splat mark on the ground. He figured out what was up, smiled, and finished his Fenway dog. We ended up hanging out with some of the fans from that section for the rest of the game. We go back to Fenway every year now and it never fails that this story is told at least once each trip after a couple of beers.
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