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Customer avatarBy:bigsawyer
From:Sweetwater, TX 79556, USA
Tommy Bahama: Relaxologist
Age Range: 35-44
Gender: Male
Posted: May 9, 2012
Growing Up Rangers
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Me, my son, mom, Grandpa, and Grandma
Me, my son, mom, Grandpa, and Grandma
I remember from my earliest years, born in 1972, beautiful spring and summer days when my Grandpa would take me and my brothers out to the original Rangers ballpark in Arlington. It was those afternoons and evenings where we learned all of the nuances of the game of baseball, When and Why would you bunt? How come the batter can't hit a homerun everytime? How does a knuckeball dance? How do you throw a curve? etc. Along with fundamentals, we were taught some of the things that grandpas do best, such as how to keep score
(most of the time on the side of a styrofoam soda/coffee cup), how to get ready when a foul ball would come our way, or how to crack open and eat those delicious ballpark peanuts. My grandpa was the most die-hard of Rangers fans, they could be 0 for forever and he would still viciously defend them as the best team in baseball, I do not have enough fingers and toes to count the number of times he would fall asleep in his chair watching the ballgame with the radio on right next to him. I remember sitting with him at his home one night watching Nolan Ryan "whoop the ol' boy from Chicago (Ventura)." At those moments with him, you not only learned about baseball, but you also learned about appreciating the little things, spending time with grandpa and being so immersed in a conversation about the game that nothing else in the world mattered to you at that point in time. He passed away last year, just as his beloved Rangers were becoming the best in baseball. Everytime a homerun is hit, or an incredible play is made in the field, those who knew him always say that he helped them make that play. Because of the time spent with him going to and watching those games, it has made realize how precious moments like that truly are. I make it a point to watch the games with my son the same way he did for me, because even though he is no longer physically here, I will forever be able to remember him by visiting these memories
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