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Customer avatarBy:araff6
From:Chicago, IL, USA
Tommy Bahama: Paradise Enthusiast
Age Range: 18-24
Gender: Female
Posted: May 23, 2012
World Championship Intern
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Don't drop it
Don't drop it
I was an intern for the Cardinals in the media relations department during the summer of 2011, passing out media credentials. It was my first job, and was to end the last day of the season. Well, first the Redbirds sneak into the playoffs the last game. Then we sneak by the heavily favored Phillies and Brewers. The next thing I know, I'm handing out World Series passes! And on a magic October night, I'm on the Busch Stadium field with the World Champs! Afterwards, in the winning locker room I spot the trophy and I can't resist. What a first job!
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