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Customer avatarBy:Luv2Travel66
From:Los Angeles, CA
Tommy Bahama: Jetsetter
Age Range: 45-54
Gender: Female
Posted: June 17, 2012
It's okay to retire!
My Dad has reached an age where he is contemplating retirement. He deserves to take the time for himself more than anyone else I know. My Dad has been working since his Dad put him to work on their ranch at age 7. There were times during my early childhood that my Dad worked 3 jobs to support us so my Mom could stay home and take care of us. When he started his own business he worked 7 days a week and extremely long hours to make sure his business was a success. All that hard work and success makes my Dad an inspiration but what makes him great is his generosity to others. He started a program in his town to put people who have been through drug court back to work. He gives them a job and encourages them to stay clean. If they slip, he helps them get back on track. My Dad and his business have been recognized several times by the community. When my husband and I were just starting out and our children wanted to do something that we couldn't afford, my Dad would step in and make sure they were able to do things like go to camp, eat a lobster dinner in a fancy restaurant or go to the theater to see the Lion King. You would think with all that he does my Dad wouldn't have time to make sure that I know I am loved. My Dad not only tells me he loves me but he also shows me that he loves me. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have this man as my Dad. Now he's thinking about slowing down and retiring but he's nervous that he will get bored. My brother and I want him to be able to slow down and live life but we worry about the same thing. How can a man who has worked so hard almost his entire life slow down? We aren't sure about the answer to that yet but as a family we are working on it. I'm hoping my amazing Dad will very soon feel like he can slow down, take time for himself and enjoy life because he deserves it!
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